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My baltimoreravens.com columns are archived here

Some previous long-form articles:


"The Numbers Game" - A feature story about the Ravens' record book.

"Handle with Care" - Reviewing the Baltimore Colts' fateful decision to draft Art Schlichter. 



"Sagamore Farm Reborn" - The famous Baltimore County horse farm is being revived by Kevin Plank, the founder and owner of Under Armour



"Carroll Rosenbloom: Man of Mystery" - A look back the controversial Baltimore Colts owner.

"For McCrary, football took a painful toll" - One of my last Baltimore Sun pieces, about former Raven Michael McCrary's struggles in post-football life.



"Off To The Races" - One of my favorites, a Smithsonian magazine piece about the first major horse race that took place on American soil -- in 1752!

"Prince of a Guy or Al-Qaida Spy?" - The life and death of Prince Ahmed bin Salman, owner of War Emblem.

"The Quiet Pioneer" - A profile of the first African-American to play for the Baltimore Orioles.



"The Golden Colt" - A Baltimore Sun piece on Johnny Unitas and what he meant to the NFL.



"Bop Til You Drop" - A Sports Illustrated piece about the Naval Academy boxing tournament.

"In Ripken's sentimental journey, last chance to play is the real trip" - Cak Ripken's last night in uniform.



Baltimore Sun -- A sampling of my columns from back in the day.