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Ten-Gallon War goes on the road

In conjunction with my new book about the Dallas Cowboys-Dallas Texans war offically hitting the stores on Oct. 2, I will be making a handful of promotional stops in Dallas, Kansas City, Houston, and Austin that month.

Here are the dates, times and details:

+ Tuesday, Oct. 2, Dallas - I will be at A Real Bookstore, a great independent bookstore in the Dallas suburb of Fairview. Signing event begins at 7 p.m.

+ Thursday, Oct. 4, Kansas City - I will speak to the Rotary Club of Kansas City at noon. The club meets at the Marriott Hotel on 12th and Wyandotte. The event is sponsored by Rainy Day Books in Kansas City. For more details, here's a link to the club's home page.

+ Monday, Oct. 22, Houston -- I will be at the Brazos Bookstore for a 7 p.m. signing event. There's a lot in the book about the beginning of pro football in Houston as well.

+ Saturday, Oct. 27, Austin -- I'm excited to announce I will be appearing at the 2012 Texas Book Festival. Details to follow. This year's author list includes huge names such as Robert Caro and David Maraniss.

I'll have more news soon about other events and media appearances. I hope to see you at one of these events.


A 'starred' review for Ten-Gallon War

The pre-pub review season continues for my latest book TEN-GALLON WAR, which officially hits the stores on October 2 (but should be available before that). I'm pleased to report that the reviews in book trade publications such as Publisher's Weekly and Library Journal have been uniformly positive, culminating with a 'starred review," signifying a standout volume, in the September 1 issue of Booklist.

Here's the Booklist review:

"The Dallas Cowboys, now one of the NFL’s key franchises, took the field for the first time in 1960, the same year the Dallas Texans were debuting in the newly launched American Football League. Initially, it looked like the Texans, the stronger team, would rule the city. Eisenberg, a Baltimore Sun columnist for many years, chronicles the launch of both teams and their fight for the heart of Texas. Aided by dozens of interviews with surviving players, coaches, and team officials, he charts the intense rivalry between Texans owner Lamar Hunt (who eventually moved his team to Kansas City) and his Cowboys counterpart Clint Murchison. The sparring was conducted through the press (like Donald Trump versus Barbara Walters), and, amazing as it seems now, it was a close battle until Hunt—disappointed by the lack of support his Texans were receiving in 1962, on their way to the AFL championship—decided to jump ship. This is an entertaining and significant football history that should attract a deservedly large readership."

For those so inclined, the book can be pre-ordered here:


The verdict on Ten Gallion War: A 'delightful book'

My latest book TEN-GALLON WAR is published exactly two months from today, on Oct. 2, 2012. The run-up to publication includes reviews from industry outlets such as Publisher's Weekly and Library Journal, and the first one has landed.

Here's what Library Jourmal has to say about the book in its August edition:

"Former Baltimore Sun sports columnist Eisenberg’s best book, Cotton Bowl Days (1997), was a memoir of his growing up a Cowboys fan in 1960s Dallas. This volume returns to the first three years of that decade when the Cowboys of the NFL and the Texans of the AFL vied for the city’s then-limited interest in pro football. When it was proposed that the two teams play a game to determine who leaves town, some wags joked that the loser should be forced to stay. Ultimately, Lamar Hunt’s AFL champion Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs in 1963, ceding Dallas to the ’Boys. Through extensive interviews, a Texas-sized territorial war over players, fans, and facilities is vividly relived. ­VERDICT Concisely and affectionately told, this delightful book should appeal to all football fans."

In an earlier pre-publication preview, Library Journal, which recommends to librararies whether they should buy various books, had this to say about TEN-GALLON WAR: "Eisenberg is a natural to tell the story since he grew up in 1960s Texas. An obvious purchase unless everyone in your town hates sports."

Let's just say the author appreciates the praise.

The book can be pre-ordered right here.



"A book that pro football fans will love..."

My new book TEN-GALLON WAR doesn't hit the stores for another few months, but to my surprise and delight, the subject came up last week when I appeared on Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio.

Florio, who is part of NBC's Sunday Night Football studio crew, hosts the hugely popular weekday Internet pro football show, where I regularly appear to discuss the Baltimore Ravens as part of my job covering the team for csnbaltimore.com.

I had sent him an advance copy of TEN-GALLON WAR, and he suddenly held it up and started talking about it and asking me questions.

"I think this is a book that pro football fans will love," he said. "I'm learning something new on every page."

Mike is a sharp and influential guy who knows as much about today's NFL as anyone, so I take the compliment as high praise.

Here's a link to our segment, which lasts about 16 minutes, but unless you want to know all about Ed Reed skipping the Ravens' mandatory minicamp last week, you can fast forward through the early portions. The book comes up at the 11-minute mark.

My thanks to Mike for the nice words and the early chance to promote the book, which, by the way, can be pre-ordered even though it doesn't come out until the fall.







A "Ten-Gallon War" excerpt goes up online

The Amazon.com page for my latest book "Ten-Gallon War" is up and running, with the cover art now included. My publisher also recently added an excerpt containing the prologue and the first few paragraphs of Chapter 1. Here's a link to the page for anyone who wants to check out how the book begins: