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Reviewers Bullish on The League

My latest book, The League, about the early history of the NFL, won’t be out until October, but I’m pleased to report that its pre-publication reviews are extremely positive. Kirkus Reviews gave it a starred review, signifying a standout effort, and called it a “rich history” that was “thoroughly researched and gracefully told.” Publisher’s Weekly also weighed in, writing that it was ”enlightening and fascinating” and “puts a nearly century-old story into contemporary context.” Booklist suggested that “fans who only know the league as it exists today will be shocked and fascinated by its early years.”

The book’s subtitle is How Five Rivals Created the NFL and Launched a Sports Empire. It’s about the first generation of influential owners, all now enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and how they worked together to keep the league alive when it was a third-rate, failing enterprise. The five men are George Halas, Bert Bell, Tim Mara, Art Rooney and George Preston Marshall.

This is my tenth book. It can be pre-ordered here at Amazon or Barnes and Noble (just click on the link) and any other major online seller. Basic Books is the publisher.

Here are links to the full reviews in Kirkus Reviews and Publisher's Weekly.

And here's a look at the cover:

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